Royalty Free Music For Video.

You may be looking for royalty free music to accompany a video you are producing, for a television production or web site application or just some background music for a radio project. Whatever your need for music synchronisation you have come to the right place at Royalty Free Music For Video.

My name is Warren J Chadwick.Welcome to my  royalty free production music library for audio visual  projects.

I am an established composer of  instrumental music tracks and songs with world wide credits. On my site you can download the best royalty free  production music for synchronisation in your video and you tube productions and for personal use.

In the UK  my music has featured in the BBC’s Country file series; Songs of Praise; Crime watch road show; Channel 5 Countdown to Murder; Extraordinary People; Madeleine McCann (a global obsession) Radio 2 Steve Wright Love songs. Abroad my music has featured on Norwegian television-Sunny Beach series, CBS news USA, Canadian broadcasting,David Letterman late show, Brazilian broadcasting, Portuguese films, Japanese broadcasting,Spanish broadcasting,Estonia tv, Romanian tv.

I  also offer some free synchronisation usage (commercial and non commercial) in all categories and some free royalty free  music vocal downloads for personal use in the vocal category.The terms and conditions for synchronisation and the terms and conditions for broadcasting including the payment of royalties for broadcasting (In UK  the collection society for broadcasting royalties  is the Performing Rights Society but other countries it is the respective collection society of that country e.g. BMI and ASCAP in the USA) can be seen by clicking on “Terms & Conditions” at the bottom of this web page. Please could you notify me of the type of usage when downloading these free downloads by sending me the details in the “contact us” button at the top of this page.

Click on any category to see the soundtrack listings. Click on any title in the soundtrack listings to see the description of the soundtrack.. Click the arrow in the soundtrack listing to play. Click on add to cart to purchase and download a soundtrack.

You can license more of my music in the USA at Freeplay music; Chicago music library; Prolific Arts music and in the UK at;Reliable source music ;Boom music; Soho production music and Ravenwood See my links below for all the related sites.

If you would like wav files please contact me and I will send via

Thanks  for listening.  I hope you will find Royalty Free Music For Video useful .

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